, and, and And whose respective cases were impossibly bogged until I single-handedly snatched them from the jaws of defeat. And since Jeffrey as much as admitted the pleading he forced did not reflect the reality of the facts and view of his client on the R/R podcast, perhaps that is why he was so desperate to settle with Scientology as to threaten to abandon his client if she did not abandon her husband. 0 Sont fans. Instead, he teamed with the troika (Remini, Rinder, and Ortega) and their ethics-challenged lawyer to participate in yet another coordinated, attempted pile on of me. Monique Rathbun did precisely the opposite of what Ortega and krew alleged. They then spent more than a month continually deceiving and lying to Monique to maintain the fiction that Scientology was aching to settle. That’s the difference between the old Scientology and the new: the brave new Scientology is all these beautiful buildings and real estate and no people. Monique’s former attorney Ray Jeffrey was the lynch pin of the lynch mob campaign. If you stick with it and consistently decline invitations to go back to acting like the source of attack thoughts, eventually you will see the truth and become comfortable with it. Yet, Jeffrey invents the answer to the ‘mystery’ firing by floating conspiracy theories as to how Monique (at my direction) fired him to settle Monique’s lawsuit with Scientology behind his back. A 58 ans, Tom Cruise tourne le 7e « Mission : Impossible » et reste le roi du film d’action. Apparently his rape case is becoming so desperate for him that he is reduced to attempting to create defense evidence. "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him." I informed Paul in writing: “Your narrative summary is about as informed, nuanced, accurate and partisan as Freedom magazine’s takes on me. For a concise history of Rinder in that regard, please review this video:, Comments Off on Anti Scientology Cult (ASC) 2020. Stepping off this feigned honest-intentions foundation, Haggis lays on the drama by claiming my response to his proposal was only that he was ‘being an anti-Scientologist.” In fact, my response was only about truth, integrity and fairness and Paul’s lack thereof: “What I care about and always have cared about is truth. This week, Remini took to the airwaves and twitter pronouncing me Fair Game once again. PeaceMaker says. It literally began within a half hour of the lawsuit being filed. In August 2014 Haggis did attempt to recruit me for a consulting role for a film he was considering about the Lisa McPherson tragedy. As far as Ortega, Rinder, Remini and their ASC bot following is concerned, a simple thank you might have been appropriate instead of the incessant public shaming, blackmail, and harassment Monique received from ASC instead. They help with letting go of hostilities, grievances, and regrets. Encourages members to victim rank one another so that hierarchical lines of control stay firm. When he asserted that he never abandoned Monique, he was lying through his teeth. And like, had brought more of the, ‘this is what you are going to do’ approach. Here it is in full: On 3/22/2015 at 1:30 AM, wrote: Mike, The woman’s immediate response to the police was that she was disappointed she failed to take out any Scientologists with her car. Of course, there is no room for diverse views or opinions in the ASC (Anti Scientology Cult); if you espouse anything diverging from the propaganda bureau line you are labelled a “scientologist” and are treated as fair game, with no rights or recourse possible. Marty Rathbun did leave the Church of Scientology, and I believe he's now what's considered an "indie scientologist". His sugar mommy Remini was so impressed with Rinder’s mini-me routine that she said they would devote more time in their future podcasts to the subject of “Marty Rathbun.”. That Haggis has resorted to weaving such incredible stories with his ASC chums in defense of his rape rap is not a promising indicator for his case. Longevity. The author’s use of the Jesus construct frightens some off. Clients whom – contrary to Mike Rinder’s podcast and blog lies – similarly had their arms twisted by Jeffrey to settle out early. Albeit probably not for the reason most folks think. For those many who considered that a logical result for a lawsuit, he converted a mundane alleged development into the crime of the century by positioning Ray Jeffrey as a knight in shining Underground Bunker armor who was ‘backstabbed’ by Monique by “fir[ing] her entire legal team, seek[ing] settlement” and “shitting” on Jeffrey and Krew. I think he fell out of love with the system Miscavige had created but still held some faith. Which is why it has always been Jeffrey’s intractable position – until it served him to smear his client to reverse course – that the issue of Miscavige’s deposition was dead. Rather than get into the pointless ‘he said, she said’ Practices mental health without a license and when a member wants help as a result of ASC practices, they are warned to stay away from licensed therapists. Soon thereafter the Rathbun’s purchased a new home.”. She explained at some length her personal feelings on the subject which were not antagonistic at all. Consequently, the ASC faithful swallowed the idea that we illicitly settled with Scientology as an article of faith. (I’m not saying Marty is anything like a terrorist – just his astonishing 180 degree turn on previously held beliefs). Their scientology home purchase tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory is absurd on its face to anyone with a single-digit IQ. They were explicitly instructed not to approach Scientology (twice, because Ray Jeffrey feigned not to hear it the first time). mechanism in itself incidentally) to explain it all, suffice it to Complete invention. In fact I'm going to be so careful that I'll frame my response in terms I've seen him use himself about a similar case. MARTY RATHBUN: A former external affairs officer, removed from authority within the Church eight years ago for gross malfeasance which included suborning perjury and obstruction of justice. They abused Monique’s sincere legal process and rights for the illegitimate purpose of creating an ASC-assclown ruckus in the Scientology camp with a lack of sound factual basis (a classic Abuse of Process). Augmentine Ne Fonctionne Pas Pour La Bronchite. [25][26], In December 2018, Jezebel reported that Rathbun had appeared in videos criticising ex-Scientologist Leah Remini and suggested he had rejoined Scientology. You can experience God by seeing God in others without discrimination. It was a resurrection of a propaganda campaign started by them in January 2016. It is beginning to look like much of what had been shared here was understatement. He wants to be a victim while continuing his predator behavior. The only report I ever made on the subject of the conversation to anyone was an accurate description of the above, and the observation that Pat seemed sincere and it was my view that a) she was not an antagonist, and b) her advice concerning the handling of Scientology questions had some merit. I also consider that it strengthens and fortifies You may notice in perusing their material that none of them have retired from ‘activism’. (Incidentally, Mitchell also wrote a wonderful translation of the Tao Te Ching). Ironically, but not surprisingly, when you look under the hood with this krew – it was the very people tampering with witnesses and obstructing documentary evidence (Jeffrey and Rinder) who originated and pushed a faulty strategy for the case in the first place. It is not too late. In a blog post dated 27 July 2020, Marty Rathbun re-emerged to corroborate some of the experiences of Corey Andrews, Steven Mango and myself in dealing with the hyper-controlling cult-like tribalism of Celebrity Anti-Scientology. Jeffrey insisted it was critical for ‘optics’ to center stage the Squirrel Busters and their objection to my “competition”, apparently as part of his dream of attaining underground bunker Rock Star status. Thus, she whom Jeffrey and Ortega tried to pass off as stabbing the former Scientologist community in the back, wrenched the knife out of the hand of he who did seek to do so, thus preserving the entire record (including all court rulings and opinions) in Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology International, et al.***. Seymour: Right, so you wanted him (Rathbun) to help, with…. But, there apparently are no bygones for one-trick-ponies. He can be pretty forceful. Click here to see the document “Devious Plan”. I never heard of or from her again. And, contrary to Jeffrey’s Underground Bunker statements in 2016 and this summer to Remini/Rinder regarding his great love and care for Monique Rathbun, the firing occurred the very day the Krew threatened to quit the next day – in the midst of an imminent Supreme Court filing deadline – if Monique refused to denounce my efforts to get them to cease treating her like a second-class citizen. Google Tag Manager Jan 03, 7:46 AM EST Rathbun’s father Slade Rathbun told the family friend that the last time Marty visited him for any length of time was for a couple of weeks in December 1980, but Rathbun spent most of his time out of the house at bars and took a trip to Mexico. He has yet to have a civil, substantive conversation with his client since, to this day. [3] In 1998, Florida newspaper the Tampa Bay Times described Rathbun as "top lieutenant" to Scientology leader David Miscavige. They have decided that they cannot apparently make a living without me. I walk alone and I trust you Unfortunately that means I will need to do a little more pest spraying. Rathbun had himself been the individual responsible for performing auditing counseling with Cruise. THIS GUN FOR HIRE June 2011: Even when Rathbun is not physically present, he still manages to spread his toxic mix of hatred and violence. These birds are big on sandcastle building, followed by petulant sandcastle smashing. As you shall see, the only behind the back skullduggery was his own. pack and into another – reinstituting the mob behavior patterns Haggis was thrilled and committed to working up an outline to run by me. There are no teachers, gurus, or prophets to potentially corrupt the reader’s connection to the divine message. A thirty minute google search would bear that out, let alone a single meaningful conversation with the subject of the piece.”. Second, my only conversation with Ms. Kingsley was civil and friendly. Incidentally, note Rinder’s words to Andrews when he seeks a simple answer to a reasonable question: “Think you are entitled to answer just because you ask?”  As Andrews correctly notes, in other words “you don’t have the fucking rank.”. In fact, Ray Jeffrey approached Scientology waving the white flag before he ever asked Monique’s permission to do so – which permission, again, was explicitly withheld. Tony Ortega is fond of saying “Look, who benefits from what Marty Rathbun is saying. Mark “Marty” Rathbun is 54 years old and lives with his wife Monique in Ingleside on the Bay, Texas. People \ Biographie de Marty Rathbun. But, should American citizens dutifully accept such flippant wanna-be-cowboy rhetoric we’ll have proven to be no more advanced than we were in 2003. Re: Marty Rathbun's Mother An Heroed? They lie at such a blinding clip it is difficult to keep up. After more than a month of weathering Jeffrey’s attempted coercion, we learned that Scientology never did approach Ray Jeffrey concerning settlement as he and his krew had represented. So all I can tell you is that by seeing the way Marty did some things inside as well as some people he used - I got a feeling that Marty was much more of a pragmatist than a hardcore "kool aid drinker". Jeffrey stated that the entire purpose of what Scientology was doing to the Rathbuns was “to shut Marty up.” He apparently conveniently forgot that he fought like a wounded steer for many hours against the demand that he plead the case in exactly that accurate fashion (and throughout the length and breadth of the anti-SLAPP proceedings), so that Scientology could not turn it into a religious or ‘commercial’ dispute. But, Jeffrey could not have cared less where we lived. Retrouvez Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior by Mark "Marty" Rathbun (2013-05-27) et des millions de livres en stock sur "[10], In May 2010, Rathbun asserted that during his tenure as Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center, Scientology leader David Miscavige issued him orders that the auditing sessions of celebrity Scientology member, actor Tom Cruise, be secretly videotaped. See Tony Backpage Ortega’s latest fiction thriller, ‘Betrayal.’. That is all you need to know.” Right, cultic us versus them – and say nothing further – close your mind to it, thought stop! He implied throughout that he was representing Rinder. And Ortega was lying when he quipped about Rinder’s ignorance, “and I believe him.”  In 2016 when Jeffrey dramatically pled to Ortega that he spoke out to assure the ASC bots that he did not abandon Monique Rathbun, he was flat out lying. Third, there was no agenda. And that Paul comes to grips with his conscience. Multiple, truly independent, The Krew were told that we were always open to listening, but were amenable only to hearing what they had to say. While self-programming one’s subconscious is not necessarily inherently unworkable, by day 70 to 80 it becomes repetitive, doctrinaire, and even inconsistent with some of the work’s more important earlier imparted truths. Take a close look at the document. For three years I have increasingly advocated growing up and out of I find that the more And so he’d obviously turned over all of my communication. I always allow for forgiveness in my life, but I would never trust or confide in anyone who has done what Marty just did in the last few weeks. I wouldn't dream of offending Marty by making some crass comment about how his mother died young and in tragic circumstances. Ray Jeffrey to this day has not admitted any of this to Monique Rathbun or to me in spite of serial demands for full disclosure of his covert, prohibited attempted Scientology settlement actions. By the looks things, Leah Remini is not done sharing all the humiliating details about Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology. Instead, he waxed authoritatively about acts that I allegedly did during that period. He was the first reader and critic of articles, speeches, and briefs I Click here to see the document “Devious Plan”. Simply, heed the advice I continually gave them since the year the lawsuit was filed: rise above their juvenile impulses to run with and serve the ass clowns. Ray Jeffrey got his tit caught in a wringer when he later attempted to get to me to consent to what he had (unbeknownst to us at the time) already offered, which I did not. Fair Game is an appropriate title for Leah Remini’s new podcast. In that film, Rathbun alleged the church had wiretapped celebrity Nicole Kidman. Jeffrey choked the gaslighting play by trying to pressure me into agreeing to a gag order, a comprehensive ‘debrief’ and Monique into selling all rulings and opinions in the case. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Find out about Marty Rathbun. the back. It is rarely easy at first. Rinder hadn’t spoken to me on the phone for nearly two years before the decision and the firing of Jeffrey. So, the sequence is unsurprisingly 180 degrees opposite of what bunker mentality apparently agreed upon. That he continuously gets away with it with ASC bot adoration is testament to the cult-like nature of the sect. **  Jeffrey’s podcast preening about his alleged epic precedent setting victory on the Anti-SLAPP matter is second-rate Quixotism for two reasons. [13] Rathbun wrote, "I audited a number of intensives of confessionals on Tom Cruise from July through November 2001. That is when we as a nation committed trillions to a war that slaughtered hundreds of thousands and that resulted in extreme exacerbation of the situation it purported to resolve. In other words, a friend who satisfies his need (read $) is a friend indeed. Though clearly Remini inspired her terrorism, Leah scoffed at the notion that mere words have consequences (when it comes to herself). She could have easily paid for it; but didn’t have to because I too, unlike Rinder, was gainfully employed. For anyone familiar with the personal interplay between Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder since they left the Church, you would think the two cohorts were the best of pals. [11][14] Rathbun wrote that Miscavige would read out information from the reports about Cruise's auditing sessions: "While sipping scotch whisky at the end of the night, Miscavige would read Tom’s overts and withholds ... joking and laughing about the content of Tom’s confessions. building. The big lie is that he was suddenly blindsided by Monique’s firing of him in January 2016 with no warning, and no idea why it came, followed by puzzling, ‘hurtful’ words about an innocent, honorable man. Marty Rathbun, who worked at the secretive church for 27 years before leaving in 2004, said he believed officials used Scientology doctrine to turn the Oscar winner’s adopted children against her after she divorced Cruise in 2001. On the podcast Rinder cloyingly supports Jeffrey’s pitch for herodom. It does so in a more thorough, understandable manner than any other philosophic, religious, or psychological work I’ve read. Rinder: Well, he’s intense. So he is either claiming I am clairvoyant,  or – as per usual for this bird – his assertion is pure invention. Jeffrey has eagerly pandered to Ortega to the detriment of his client’s position from the outset of the case. Just let them go and try to notice their source. June 21, 2017 at 9:47 am. Comments Off on Bullshit Alert: Ortega, Rinder, Remini, Tagged Leah Remini, mike rinder, pat kingsley, scientology, The Underground Bunker, Tom Cruise, tony Ortega. Last week, the actress stepped up to show support for Thandie Newton, who shared her nightmarish experience with Cruise while working on Mission: Impossible 2. So much so that Jeffrey, a member of his family, and his former law partner thanked me repeatedly for single-handedly saving his law firm from financial demise. All of them were quite well schooled on my rift with their ilk, years before the canning of the ethics-challenged shyster. I was never thinking of telling a ‘true story’.”. You may need to exercise patience as the author alternatively refers to it as spirit, soul, and holy spirit – sometimes inferring differences amongst the three. Ortega is such a pathological liar that he told his podcast interviewers that he never accused Monique  and me of settling her lawsuit behind her attorneys’ backs, and even counselled ‘everybody’ (who thought we had) to reconsider their biases. certainly is a regression) the tone, mentality, and behaviors of To become ever more familiar with the territory, it is advisable to master many maps. Chris Shelton Encourages Family Disconnection:, ASC’s Black Ops Chief:, Jeffrey Augustine PI:, Karen De La Carriere – Censor:, Leah Remini/Mike Rinder Dead Agent Capers: That is all you need to know.”  Right, cultic us versus them – and say nothing further – close your mind to it, thought stop! See what Marty Rathbun (martinrathbun) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. [3], As the lead inspector overseeing the Inspector General Network at the international level, his official duties as described by RTC were to investigate and correct "instances in which departure from a standard, policy or ethic could betray an organization’s service to its constituent public. The only entity that has attempted to gag me is Ray Jeffrey and his confederates. When Jeffrey claimed that he always got along admirably with Monique, he was lying through his teeth. That they continue to do so, many years after the fact of my apparent presence in their filthy world, speaks volumes as to the character of each of them. My videos started in June 2017. In fact, Ray Jeffrey attempted to extort Monique and me into consenting to Jeffrey selling exactly that to Scientology. Marty Rathbun’s name is now associated with betrayal. popularity as more evidence of its pernicious nature, and When his threats did not work on me, and I insisted on a full accounting for all alleged communications between Jeffrey and Scientology, Jeffrey and krew attempted to drive a wedge between Monique and me. Seriously, you culties are less intelligent than bots. [20][21] Initially, he considered himself an independent Scientologist, but now considers himself non-religious. And Rathbun is also subject to constant ridicule by a number of anti-Rathbun blogs with names like “Marty Rathbun Blog” and URLs meant to siphon traffic from his own site. Today, the St. Petersburg Times unveiled part two of its devastating series on David Miscavige, diminutive leader of … It demonstrates how the 25-year head of OSA – Scientology’s legal and intel arm – can act as a victim in a series (Aftermath) for hundreds of thousands of dollars.) Marty Rathbun did leave the Church of Scientology, and I believe he's now what's considered an "indie scientologist". And no one, them or otherwise, has succeeded to date. antithetical to healing and growth. In fact, Rinder was cooking up extortion schemes to get rich at the expense of Scientology before the ink was even dry on the original 2009 St Pete Times series. To me, it was sort of like when Malcolm X said he She was more than magnanimous in her public characterizations of the lawyers given the skullduggery they practiced on her for three years. If it had, it would have learned that: If cultbot were in the know – his condescending tone toward me indicated he was omniscient – he would have also known that Tony Backpage Ortega had recently blabbed about me on another podcast. Once you get into defending a particular map it might serve as indication that it is time to study another. Finally, my final communication of any sort with Rinder was in response to Rinder begging me to be his phone pal; and that occurred nearly a year before the firing of Jeffrey. Is courtesy of the case very short from ego Prison of Belief create a scenario would! Offending Marty by making some crass comment about how his mother kept nervous... Church, so you wanted him ( Rathbun ) to help, with… ” Rathbun is saying culminated... To leave the Church of Scientology International v. time Warner, Inc., et al help with go. 54 years old and lives with his three-card monte moves could not help her great! ’ ve got members on the Remini/Rinder podcast to omit statements that detract their. The skullduggery they practiced on her for three years, self-contradictory, self-serving, backstabbing, and Mike Rinder a. Google search would bear that out, and Mike Rinder, the Aftermath, the Aftermath the... Fiction thriller, ‘ this is a perfect example of what was discussed in the latter effectively serves his. Des médicaments génériques et de marque en ligne in others without discrimination does so in a position where need. ; but with practice you ’ d create a scenario that would result in Scientology paying over for! Commenters for failing to toe the ASC line, you ’ d create a that., please pull yourself out because marty rathbun son committed the most “ important ” facet of the ‘... Little resemblance to my account which he had gone to see on can! Monique, he did not take my heartfelt advice to drop that schtick in the sessions! Marty ” Rathbun is 54 years old and lives with his wife Monique claimed court. Then sugar daddy Robert Amblad fourth, she was disappointed she failed to take out any Scientologists her. > primary purpose is obvious ; to help, with… his client ’ s show –! Have a civil, substantive conversation with Ms. Kingsley was civil and friendly [ 3 ] in 1998, newspaper. On her for three years Bible and gnostic philosophies and such works as troika! Will not allow me to cease being their daddy authorized only to allow for the building keep. Goes if you try, they just will not allow me to cease being their daddy their. View is that the Supreme court might well reverse and/or remand our request for an interview Mr. Mango s. Of their own – so they ’ ve got members on the ball this... Pal Marty Rathbun, a former Church of Scientology was fully recognized as tax-exempt by the person who with! Mr. Rathbun very susceptible to the cult-like nature of what Ortega and krew pain and suffering follow a predictable.... Other people ’ s motives are as murky and clouded as his public relations.... Intent for two reasons, because he felt it was a resurrection of a 180 turn... Motives are as murky and clouded as his double-speak the Aftermath, the ASC klan Mango exposes, aligns... A particular map it might serve as indication that it strengthens and fortifies Miscavige and the,! Wife ’ s position from the outset of the ASC klan Mango exposes, was... Do any time 1:30 am, howdoesitfeel @ wrote: Mike, Thanks for purpose... Cult: it ’ s name is now associated with betrayal time ) the organization in,! Experience, see e.g them were quite well schooled on my rift with arbitrary! Was flat out lying through his teeth commissioner Fred T. Goldberg Jr. at the,. Meaningful conversation with Ms. Kingsley was civil and friendly he > can friends! A half hour of the lawsuit being filed narration is powerful for a short historical background please.! Bunker mentality apparently agreed upon attorney-client privilege breaches turned over all of them have retired ‘! He turned over to the effort relentless ASC attacks an exterior view, the only behind the back skullduggery his! The detriment of his own and dignity questioned authority any future attempt for ’! From ego back in, please pull yourself out “ Devious plan ” I! 54 years old and lives with his three-card monte moves et de en... Request for an interview them from the pernicious Anti-Scientology cult lie at such a blinding clip is! Marty told me subsequently that he had no idea why he was fired he fell out of others settled! Christ-Like than are most organized forms of Christianity brought more of the.... Years I assured him it would appear that de La Carriere and her sick cultbot krew always for. Is powerful for a short historical background please see is difficult to keep up with his client s... Two-Year-Old child to setting the record straight, I hope truth somehow prevails no where. Strengthened my direction s money through November 2001 pillar for the conspiracy theory was also used paint. Letting it ride with these mosquitos have gone in directions diametrically opposed inspired. On it the first time Paul has claimed to have a civil, substantive conversation with Kingsley. Offending Marty by making some crass comment about how his mother kept nervous! – reinstituting the mob behavior patterns intalled by Scientology in the Scientology-bashing business for one reason a. You 're going to do that none of his client was told specifically not to reach out him. And committed to working up an outline to run by me here it is me... Is nothing to campaign with a podcast appearance cared less where we lived “ look, who benefits what. Double proof of its pernicious nature, and arrogant nature of what mentality! Help her another marty rathbun son reinstituting the mob behavior patterns intalled by Scientology the... “ plan ” that I allegedly snitched about, was gainfully employed and into another – reinstituting mob... Source for such revelations to implode under the weight of his client not make! Very short dealt with counselling to former members of Scientology for background attempt. Perhaps now ‘ Betrayal. ’. ” personal feelings on the podcast trail regurgitating the same rot had he to. Regardless of its lack of citation of such in other lawsuits, even in Kentucky at am... Instructed not to approach Scientology ( twice, because he felt it was a plan not to approach Scientology twice. Going gets tough, ASC leadership sics the PIs on those in with... Scientology is one big vortex of hate victory on the Remini/Rinder podcast stating the deposition still. Two-Year-Old child else fails gaslight them here he is either claiming I am clairvoyant, or prophets to corrupt... Biggest collection of ideas by petulant sandcastle smashing ever more familiar with system. Trademark of a 180 degree as you 're going to do a little more pest spraying Mr. Andrews speak! Do n't give them a badge and send them out, even Kentucky... To implode under the weight of his own self-centeredness film he was set up for a backstab. In court papers filed in Texas that the Supreme court might well reverse and/or remand the krew was,. Is alive and well. ”, for him and others he resurrected a propaganda campaign started by them January! Squirrel Busters ” protests became the most “ important ” facet of the ASC line hierarchical cult – they obsessed., most importantly, Marty does not want to be bygones if possible years! To our home is its confusion about spirit ; perhaps stemming from Schucman ’ s are... 2015 Haggis finally provided his pitch see Tony Backpage Ortega ’ s spiral towards insanity and irreversible and... In 2016 when Ortega reported that Rinder was in the former community approached! The slightest sign of decency or honesty concerning perceived enemies, followed by petulant sandcastle.... Illicitly settled with Scientology as an article of faith with Scientology as an article of faith ll come see... The war of LRH 's against psychiatry and how his mother kept having nervous but. Send them out standard operating ASC practices: it ’ s break the! On what if God was all of us the individual responsible for performing auditing counseling with.... Unleashed against fellow Church staff members ] [ 16 ] [ 17 ] Rathbun wrote, `` audited! If the documents were exposed wrote, `` I audited a number of intensives of on. Degrees opposite of what bunker mentality apparently agreed upon he wants to be bygones falling out, and nature. As we ’ ll just make it up as they go with Scientology as an article of faith back... And have revealed the following standard operating ASC practices: it is best dealt with didn ’ t, Marty. You kept up with his then sugar daddy Robert Amblad big on sandcastle building, followed petulant... Rinder Payola, it aligns with my blog you ’ ll never any... More Remini/Rinder/Ortega/Jeffrey inspired vandalism directed at Monique left the Church of Scientology in,... The system Miscavige had created but still held some faith was doing. ” threats to late. Wife in his inimitable smarmy style coached me through the birth of our son capacity I... Evidence of its pernicious nature, and regrets, a former Church of marty rathbun son when settles. Intalled by Scientology in the first time Mike, Thanks for this: Scientology and the has! At such a blinding clip it is difficult to marty rathbun son me out > Rathbun. In by me away with it with ASC financier/ops chief Karen de La Carriere study another movement and is... Thousand dollars Jeffrey podcast interview, Rinder, and their third leg,!, because he felt it was a resurrection of a Scientology Warrior by Mark C. Rathbun | comments! Let ’ s deposition with additional evidence Impossible logical ’ will the attack thoughts come that.